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Nothingness [Dec. 17th, 2004|09:08 pm]
[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]
[Current Music |Scott Lester ;D]

Not a lot happened today...Rich spiked Gary's tea with ketchup...I finished college for Christmas...
And I've been sat at my computer for a while WORKING! What is the world coming to?? Though I sort of missed the deadline for my project, so I'm going to try and finish this by Monday and beg! It's a comic strip with a sinister edge...

I'm going to the Argos Christmas party tomorrow, woop ;D Vicky will be joining me! And who knows, I might just grace the dance floor...(ALL: *Laugh*)

Please leave me messages, I'm bored and lonely! *Sniff*
Dawn Cooper, Q Magazine Executive
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"Stop Manny, it's the beetroot talking!" [Nov. 29th, 2004|04:22 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic and loving life]


Hey dudes!
I'm sorry it's been a while, but the past few days have been really great so I thought I'd update!:D I just got off the bus with a completely new title: 'Super Dawn - the Exiter of Buses'. Emilie and I came up with that...there were A LOT of students on that bus...

Righty, Friday nighty - went to Laura's house, complete with luggage, only to find her "disputing" with a bank on the telephone and from there rushed to the train station to climb aboard the train to Southampton! Or, as it turned out, Eastliegh! We befriended a bearded ticket dude and scared half the people on the train to death with our antics (one of which being Laura thinking she'd seen one of Lemar's friends) and then when we finally arrived in Winchester got slightly lost looking for Ian! Anyway, we went to the student village where he's currently accomidated and had a lot of fun attempting to cook abnormally yellow macaroni cheese and having a really crazy chat in the kicthen with Scott, Suzanne and Sam, friend of Jamie Cullum! (Or wife, according to Ian's phone book)

On the Saturday we decided to go into Winchester and then on to Southampton. Laura bought Debbie a Ronan calendar, we watched a guy busk with a wire to Christmas songs (?!) and had our picture taken after Laura nicely asked a total stranger :P He rocked! Then we took our "replacement bus" to Southampton and had to sit of the steps of the double decker because it was so damn full. That was an experience! In Southampton we hit the shops and shortly after retired to Pizza Hut where Ian and Scott protested for drink re-fills. Laura and I went for a bit of a shop, and got lost in Burton somehow (the shop assistant thought we were drunk, we actually wandered into the mens changing rooms in search for the exit) and then we spoke to a busker from Fiji who tried to force his guitar on me! Laura began to rejoice about Glastonbury with a drunk woman (who was strangely cool...and went into HMV to try and get the busker a record deal...) who THEN kissed us both and danced around for a bit scaring the hell out of Scott. We rode a carausel (Bad spelling. Merry-go-round) by night, with Ian and I singing a Wet Wet Wet song (I repeat: ?!), and trundled home (in a bus with drunken men quoting Red Dwarf).

BUT! That wasn't the end of the day! Ian, Laura and I were sat in Ian's room having some sort of crazy discussion when all of a sudden...Debbie makes a totally dramatic entrance through the door!!!:D YEAH:D I must say, Debbie and I did a FANTASTIC rendtition of the Moulin Rouge medly to everybody present in the kitchen! We bopped a balloon around the room with Scott and discussed Ian's likeness to a certain TV show host...not mentioning names:D Ian, Debbie, Scott and I stayed up until about 3am watching a stickman animation on the net...which lasted half an hour!!! It was funnier than you'd think! At least it was at the time anyway! ZIGGY-BUGGY-DUG! *BANG* *poof*

It was sad leaving on Sunday, but upon our walk to the train station (and I don't know how the hell we accumulated so much luggage after just two nights) we met a guy who was laughing to himself and asking us if we were going on a pillgrimmage...yeah, he was weird...After a group hug with weird noises, we got on the "replacement bus" to journey home on the train, upon which I tried my hand at texting with mittens on (bad pun, I'm sorry). Laura's mittens are so damn cool! My sister drove us home and I got ready to go bowling with my family and the two Simons!:D We grooved to Shania Twain in the car, exchanged our shoes for gorgeous bowling shoes, and bowled! My mum kicked everybody's ass, including Simon's (who came second, go baby go!:P) and I lost abismally with only 45 points...*cough* ANYWAY! We went back home to be confronted by the best in birthday cuisine! (It's my birthday tomorrow, YAY! Going to hit the ice! With my ass!) Remember the party food selection you had at birthday parties when you were a kid? It was like that but with all my favourite things:D And a cake that said Dawn with '1' and '8' candles! Needless to say, the "Who's 81?" joke was made several times! We each covered my sister Amy's boyfriend Simon's head in party popper remnents and took a humiliating photograph. I went to my darling man's house in the evening which was great:D We watched Black Books in the morning and I hurriedly made it to my lesson in my groovy new hat (which keeps receiving compliments!)

What a cool weekend!!! I might be going to the cinema with my sister tonight after tidying the UFO landing site that is my bedroom (steady X-Philes, it was just a bad joke). And I'm going ice skating tomorrow wooo!

I will finish (FinallY!) by saying a BIG HUGE MASSIVE WALLOPING thank you to Ian McCabe the ultimate DUDE for letting us all stay over and for a great time, you da man homie!:D *HUGS*

Me x

Oh, may I just add that I will bombard my journal with photographs of the weekends events when I have finished and processed my film! Over and out. *Insert static noise here*
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2004|06:56 pm]
[Current Mood |embarrassedmuddy]
[Current Music |Ashlee Simpson, This Holiday Life]

Dudes :D
My mood may say muddy, but don't you worry, I had a bath! "Why?" I hear you say! Mud wrestle...
Nah, I did some filming with Sam in a wet muddy field! After paying one pound to park his car for half an hour because the machine didn't give change!! YARG! So there we were trudging around with a big video camera and a guitar in the rain and in a field. It was quite ironic since I'm publicising an acoustic music channel and was filming Sam wearing his Bad Religion tshirt...I hope I've got sufficient footage, otherwise I'm severly screwed. I owe him one though, the mud wasn't pleasant! I'm filming somewhere nicknamed 'Weston-Super-Mud' on Friday too, wish me luck!

I'm going to travel back in time to this morning for the sake of this journal entry - I awoke in jeans and tshirt with my bedroom light on and curtains open! I was so tired, I fell asleep at my computer and then clambered onto my bed for a quick nap and woke up at about seven the next morning, urgh! Then I travelled into Bath to pick up a DV camera and get my Switchfoot piccies developed, YAY!

This is the result of yelling "SMILE!":D at Tim Foreman, bass guitarist of Switchfoot:

I'm struggling to successfully post any of my other photographs, but I will keep trying! Keep smiling Tim ;D

Today was pretty crazy. The bus was about twenty minutes late, and the bus driver was crazy - he called an old lady who wanted a seat a "wrinkly", sent some kids off the bus and started laughing to himself about the power he had over his passengers...The journey back was equally crazy. I sat next to this guy who supposedly knows me, and knows where I live yet I swear I've never met him before! We were laughing because there was a horribly drunk woman sat behind us who wanted us to alert her of when the bus got to Frome...*Bus arrives in Beckington*..."Yeah, we're in Frome now..." ;) We refrained, I promise! We were talking about Mr Grohl and his instrumental talents as well!

I did quite a lot of work at college today, proud of myself :) And afterwards Simon and I tormented the public of Bath with a bluetooth device (including a guy called 'Mr Big'), mwa hahaha!

The funniest part of today was quoting 'Black Books' Series Three with a very loud, "DOODY-DOO-DOO!" in the corridor, only to receive the most perculiar look from the media technician!

Filming in Weston-Super-Mere with Andy tomorrow :D :D :D :D Sand, guitar, camera, pier donuts! :D Might be celebrating Dan's eighteenth on Saturday night after shopping with my mum for a coat/jacket and then I'll be dining in Whetherspoons with Simon on Sunday, good week!

Lots of love and hugs x x x
I hope DEBBIE and LAWSE had fun seeing THE CALLING today :)
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'Surrender has somehow become so beautiful' [Oct. 9th, 2004|02:26 pm]
[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]
[Current Music |Ashlee Simpson - 'Pieces of Me']

I had a strange day at work today...I rushed to get there on time and somehow managed to get there bang on one o'clock, only to find out that I was supposed to start at eleven! Arg! And who would have thought that eating half a sachet of sugar on my break would greatly improve my charisma?? I actually joked with my boss for the first time...that was after this guy who kept staring and smiling at me told me I was a very beautiful girl, but in fact turned out to be "stalking" a girl from my media class who's just started work there! Greeeat! But it was a funny shift. I have to work tomorrow as opposed to being driven into Bath in my sister's new car to buy a coat and see Simon, who I first met a year ago tomorrow!
I'm a little unhappy at the moment because I got really stressed with a CD label GRR! I'm really proud of the CD cover design though, Ian's in for a treat (I hope) :)

Take care peeps:)

Please do not neglect to read my previous entry, I don't think anyone's read it yet! You get to read about rubber ducks and viking hats!!! vvvvv Look down!:D
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'Many moons ago...' [Oct. 8th, 2004|02:58 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |Mutemath - 'Control']

Hey guys,
I thought it was about time for an update!
I took a couple of days off college this week due to a nasty head cold or something (it was nasty, that's all you need to know!) but I'm better now:)
Yesterday I had pancakes with sugar and white chocolate chips for lunch! Andy came over to show me a video camera. We're most likely going to be shooting some television idents on the beach next Friday...Wet, windy and full of sand, LOVELY! It should be fun, and it's a great excuse to eat pier donuts :D
That evening Debbie phoned to invite me to the cinema. However, it was no ordinary trip...Debbie DROVE! She passed her test! :D Despite any bad jokes I may have made about her driving on both journeys, she did very well! We went to see 'Wimbledon' with Emilie which was actually quite funny! And featured our lovely friend "Jeff" who had previously starred in 'A Knight's Tale' ;D The three of us cracked an insane number of bad jokes, which unsurprisingly, we all found funny, and I had my photograph taken in a trolley...That evening ended with a really cool conversation with Ian :D I really hope to visit him in Winchester at some point this year.
Today was Damn Good too! I spent my bus journey talking to James about Jackie Chan, Switchfoot, Sepultura, anarchists, manga, guitars and other random but somewhat loveable things this morning! I then of course ventured into college and did some work and listened to funky music with Ria. After that lesson, Ria and I were united with the Hotbath cafe's CHEESY CHIPS!!! Simon then joined us, and then so did Kate, and then Kate's groovy hat found its way to my head...and I refused to give it back (WITH puppy dog eyes). I tried to steal my lecturer's bottle of coke, but I'd only walked about two inches before he saw me, damn! Simon and I spent the afternoon taunting Burtons with the jukebox, causing chaos with a paper aeroplane in my favourite art gallery (it's showcasing a pop art themed exhibition just now!), scanning the shops of Bath for rubber ducks, buying a big cookie, listening to a crazy busker who spent about ten minutes playing the same song in his own weird language (sounding strangely like a warped version of The Proclaimers...), trying on a viking helmet complete with blonde locks of hair (I looked weird!) and searching for HIPPY LAMPSHADES! (I need to ask a colour related question Ian :P) Good times, good times...
I fell asleep on the bus for ages on the way home and Andy came over in the evening to watch a film. In the end however my dad decided to get out his really cool Dinky car sets and tanks! But then we watched various Black Books episodes and out-takes, whilst sipping (cheap) wine in a sophisticated manner! We then played Trumps and watched Q.I which was very entertaining as per usual...AND! They answered a question you posed today Simon; what word/s ryhme/s with orange? (NOT blamonche!:P) There is in fact a town in Wales called Borange, and Gorange is a British surname according to Mr Stephan Fry! (sp)
Anyhoo, must go to bed! My sister is buying a car tomorrow and I have to work...I shouldn't really be using my PC now eep!

Love to you all!!!
Congrats on winning the comp Debbie!
x x x x x
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'Simple as a sock!' [Sep. 30th, 2004|08:07 pm]
[Current Mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[Current Music |Switchfoot - 'Daisy', A Hollow Dawn - 'Broken Days']

I just had the coolest time! My friend Sam passed his driving test on Monday so we decided to spontaneously go out for a drive! The whole day was very spontaneous in fact. After going into town with Tom who I haven't seen in ages and a girl called Chloe, we started driving around Frome and decided to go to weird town that is Warminster! Sam and I love that place simply because it is bizzarre. We'd barely walked a few metres and we saw a guy getting arressted...and then we saw 'Simple as a sock!' in graffiti on the wall. We saw the bus driver that we think is secretly an axe murderer, bought some cake bars and got back in the car. On the way there we'd seen Cley hill in the distance and decided to risk life and limb by climbing it! It was really steep and slippery and when we had almost reached the top we met a guy who thought we were Canadian (QUEEGY!) and was in possession of a dodgy mushroom of some sort...he rambled about UFOs and then made his way down. Sam and I however continued to climb and admired the sky and the view from the top. I was cursing myself the whole time because I'd forgotten to take my camera and the sky looked beautiful.
The way down was most entertaining! As I said, very steep! We decided the safest way would be to slide down on our bums as we both seemed far from sure-footed (sp?). That was very amusing! We then made our way back to the car and decided we weren't ready to go home since we both love driving around in the dark (I'm obviously talking from the passenger's POV!) and mine and Ian's mixtape provided a really nice atmosphere. We drove down a really pretty and cool windey road only to be presented with an amazing view of the moon which looked very full and appeared to be glowing orange. So naturally we trespassed a field to get a better looked! I'm such a kid, I love climbing over gates :P And I'm a total sky-freak. Anyway, that was fun, despite the unsettling sounds of werewolves ;D
Eventually we decided that it was really about time we got ourselves home and filled our tummies, so here I am writing on Live Journal! I apologise if it sounded ultimately BORING, but it's really hard to describe such a spotaneous and fulfilling evening such as this one. Thank you Sam :D We should be seeing the founder of Marshall amps next Wednesday hehe :P And I don't even play an electric guitar! ...yet ;) I really need to get practicing on my acoustic. We almost decided to take it with us in the boot and play it on top of the hill :P I slid many a time so I'm really glad we didn't! Debbie was threatening to smash it up in my dream, grr to you Debbie :P Can't wait to spend tomorrow night at the karaoke party with Debbie and Laura :D

Take care!!!

Mud-covered-Dawn x x x
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Stress Reduction Kit - BANG HEAD HERE [Sep. 23rd, 2004|10:32 pm]
[Current Mood |pensivepensive]
[Current Music |Tonic - 'Take Me As I Am', Bleu - 'Somebody Else']

It's been a (long) while! So long that Live Journal has changed!
Today was a little strange. I tried to get on the bus with a letter informing the driver that I was going to collect my bus pass from college, but he didn't accept it so I sulked my way back to my house and phoned Simon, my favourite pick-me-up :) I decided I may as well spend the day at home catching up on assignments, part of which involved designing my funky music channel logo :P
I went to Andy's this evening which was fun! We played some songs on the guitar:

Switchfoot - 'Meant to Live' (badly)
Lisa Loeb - 'I Do'
Lightning Seeds - 'You Showed Me'
Simon & Garfunkle - 'The Sound of Silence', 'Mrs Robinson'
Feeder - 'Paper Faces'
Travis - 'The Re-offender'
Damien Rice - 'Delicate', 'Cannonball'
Third Eye Blind - 'Motorcycle Driveby'

We also started a doodle book, which was originally called 'The Log Book' but somehow, through my bad handwriting, ended up as 'The Hog Book'! We might be going to a Marshall Amp memorial thing with Sam and Pete soon too :P

I'm worried that Ian's forgotten about me :( He's just started at Uni and I haven't really heard from him, but I think that's partly/mostly my fault.

Another thing, when I've finished my camera film and got the pictures developed I will try and post my SWITCHFOOT GIG PICTURES!!! It was absolutely amazing. Simon and I were the first people to enter the venue (after queuing for six and a half hours with the two coolest people, Nathan and Hannah) and we were right at the front of the stage (AKA a step!!!). We also met the whole band and had full conversations with each member. They're some of the greatest people I have ever met. I spoke to Tim Foreman when he lost his family in London (lol!) and I told Jon Formean off for cutting the best song from the set list! I had a lot of fun joking with Jerome and Chad as well, funny guys :D:D:D

Take care chums! :D
Lots of ♥ x x x
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2004|09:31 pm]

give daxxanon more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own
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"Are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson?" [Sep. 4th, 2004|10:59 pm]
[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]
[Current Music |Bell X1 - 'Alphabet Soup', Simon & Garfunkle]

Ahh, my beloved (yet elusive) Journal Peeps! :D

Today has been a jolly day! As was yesterday! After purchasing my train tickets for a London trip to see a certain band (SWITCHFOOT!) next Friday with a very nice man (namely Simon), I met my lovely budski Lemski...Ian! at the train station. I think I confused the ticket collector. In fact, no. I'm certain I brightened up his day ;D I forced Ian into a few shops (I was in an impulse buy mood and ended up with a pair of jeans and some brand spanking new red cAnverse shoes. My most expensive yet, twelve pounds! *GASP* And I almost bought Iain Archer's album for some reason) and then we went to the guitar shop where we experimented with a snazzy guitar tuner and a green Brunswick guitar (buy it!!). We also went to my favourite art gallery which this time had a fantastic exhibition, in which we found some surreal art and our favourite mechanical painter! Ian drew a picture of Mr Hugs in the kids section as a tribute to our old drawing which I was surpised not to see on the walls next to the works of famous surrealist artists! However, to make up for that loss, Mr Hugs is now taking in the sights from the art gallery notice board.

We endured a quest for some 'Lemon and Lime Volvic' water and caught the bus back to my place. We had a cool acoustic guitar session in the garden with my friend Andy and had fun with a Beatles chord book! I took a few snaps, as did my mother :D

Today I went to work (I walked there very hurriedly listening to Tonic in my CD player) which was not too bad, and quite entertain, regardless of the unenthuastic responses to my lame quips and comments. It was actually pretty fun but unfortunately I came out with a bad arm and a Sunday shift! I was supposed to be meeting with Debbie and going to the Bath Cats and Dogs Home open day, where she did work experience. Anyway, after work Andy came over and we watched an episode of Black Books and 'The Graduate' which Andy quotes endlessly from, yet had never seen it! I thought it was fantastic. And also spectated from a media students point of view...INTERTEXTUALITY DAMN IT! Two great days :D

I apologise for the extensive use of brackets throughout this entry!
Hugs to Ian :) I hope you had a safe journey!
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'Who did you think you were kidding Mr Hitler?' [Aug. 29th, 2004|12:56 pm]
[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]
[Current Music |Breeders - 'Cannonball']

Although my journal mood says, 'drunk', I am indeed not drunk, but merely typsy! I have just come back from a 40s theme dance! But I will start briefly from Thursday evening...I went with my friend Terry to the theatre to work on his article. The Western mUsical it turned out to br was called, I even picked up some of the lingo ..i Also just woke up

Sorry, it's now Sunday morning, I fell asleep on my desk and later sauntered into bed! But where was I? I went to the theatre with Terry to keep him company as he was writing a review for the Frome Times. It was a Western Musical called 'Annie Get Your Gun' and surprisingly was really good! I even picked up on some of the lingo..."He sure likes me a heap!" Terry is friends with the dude who arranged the props. They'd asked him to find a dead bird that could be thrown on stage as the gun fired, but all he could find was...A RUBBER CHICKEN! :D There were loads of them, and they squeeked when the cast picked them up! Priceless comedy ;D Anyway, the Frome Times loved Terry's review which is fabulouso.

On Friday, it was raining like crazy and my trousers got all wet so I temporarily borrowed a pair of Simon's and ended up looking like MC Hammer. We also watched a feature length kick ass episode of Scooby Doo and ate some great mash potato with cheese from Mark and Spencer (recommended) whilst watching our favourite trash that we lovingly refer to as MTV.

Saturday!!! Yesterday! Right :D Firstly, I went to work (for only four hours!) and we tortured a Boobah...I made it cross eyed and told Alex it had a fly on its nose...I then suggested to Toria that we shaved it. Katie was of course very upset when my boss Dennis drop-kicked the cute little pink thing. She insisted it sat on the picking ticket dispensor as it was apparently "good luck". I returned home to prance around the house in a hideous red skirt that Andy and I purchased from a charity shop! He'd invited me to a 40s themed dance several weeks ago (that was before our trip to Weston-super-Mere*) and today was the day! I didn't have time to sew red buttons to my white vest as I'd planned so I threw something together, AND wore the Woman's Voluntary Service Badge that Andy had given me He wore a genuine motorcycle dispatch rider's uniform and a gass mask bag and various other accessories(He's very into War and military stuff!:D). We arrived at a little memorial/village hall in Cranmore to find an old man rocking his bass guitar! He sounded just like the dude in 'Dad's Army' when he sang the song they'd used as a theme! I really wanted to do a Jack Black (it was his birthday yesterday in fact! Good old imdb.com) and teach them to play rock music! Though I can't play it too well myself so I abandoned that plan :P During the evening, Andy and I finally found the courage to (attempt to) dance (i.e. stumble around the hall badly), he found the courage to give a really really pretty girl his phone number, we had a few small drinks, we took a huge crisps order to the pub across the road clad in our 1940s gear, and Andy and I went for a walk and tried to break into some old trains but with no such luck. Apparently unlike myself, the people who own these trains remember to LOCK them (on our way to Cranmore, I realised I'd left the front door open so we had to turn back). Andy dropped his gas mask bag though and had to scramble under the train to find it! It felt like an episode of 'Casualty', it was quite scary!

Great night. And the Hokey Cokey was sensational! I might be going to Whetherspoons tonight (I still remember the first time very well Ian!!! "Ian, there's a man in my bed!!!" There wasn't, I assure you! It was the duvet in disguise...)

*Weston-super-Mere! We bought some random ties and fair trade chocolate bars from Oxfam after I finally admitted we'd missed our bus, went to Weston, went rock rambling and wading, ate some kick-ass donuts (ahhhh, I usually hate them, but They were GOOD!) and I still have the scar from attempting to climb/jump over a wall far bigger than myself!

And now for some pictures! I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while when we met at the park a few weeks ago. We trundled up to the Griffin for a coke each and a game of Pool, during which I potted TWO BALLS :D I'm bad okay, that's my personal record!!! I potted the black ball and finished the game! My team was called The Three Petes (good pun!): Pete Oliver, Sam Peat and...me...hmm...I was a Pete for the evening! "Pete Two, Pete Two, he's our man, if he can't do it no-one can!"

"Park Life!"
Pete, Andy, Dawn, Emilie

Sam, Emilie

Sam, Andy


Rock on!
Andy looking smooth
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